Wisepicks For 26 March

Sezzie Hall


I accept your darkness
as I offer
you my light,
just as the moon
does for the sky
each and every night.


Rinku Shah


A little of You
to complete me,
And a little of me
to complete thee.
We painted
each other artfully,
Finishing touches
given carefully!


Donna McCarthy


Not everything is
black and white.
Sometimes we
change colors.


Karen Williams


And you will find
when touched
with their darkness
it opens a unique
portal to your light .


Sherilyn Campbell


Don’t try to turn
me into you.
Opposites attract
for a reason.
I will accept
your differences
if you accept mine.


Debra Pry


Everything is
not black or white.
Sometimes it’s
not color at all.
It’s the soul,
that determines
who we are.


Basudev Chakrabarty


If we look
at the dark side of life,
we are left in darkness.
One who believes
in the brighter side of life,
paints brightness on others.


Angela Cromwell


Yin and yang.
Sometimes we are
filled with light
needing a touch
of darkness.
Sometimes we are
filled with darkness
needing a touch of light.


Steven Huyett


Just because we
as humans use
brushes to paint
pictures of each other,
the image we see
is in our mind,
not the one we paint.


Joani Neily


I paint you light,
you paint me dark,
neither one of us
has gained the mark.


Ãctive Ãnji


If we never experience
the chill of a dark winter,
it is very unlikely
that we will ever
cherish the warmth
of a bright summer’s day


Atmaram Sawant


There is some good
in bad
and there is some
bad in good.
This what balanced life is.


Elizabeth Morrow


Let me try to show you
what I see,
and you can show me
what you see.
We need to listen though,
in order to see.


Emily LeBoeuf LaGarde


What is in me
I see in you.
Nick Drakulich


The brush stroke
of compromise.


Jippa Skippa


Painting each other
with the duality
of our own thoughts.


Jackie De Klerk


People from
different races
can become one,
as soon as
they are willing to see
and understand things
from the other’s perspective.


Slindele Matiba


Accept me for who I am.
Don’t try to change me
to fit your normal.


Manong Cuadz


Subtly molding into
our own perception
of ‘perfection’.


Bran Darius Valdehueza


The Black and White of Life.
What’s inside your soul
manifests in your behaviors
and behaviors
become reality!


Bélanger Andrée


I paint
the happiness on you
but at the same time
you paint
your pain on me.
We have to be careful
to preserve the joy;
someday in you,
some other days in me.


Nicole Roberts


It takes the light
of the soul to brighten
the darkness of the mind.


Sulekha Pande


Respect understanding
our basic differences
we paint each other,
with strokes of love.
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