Wisepicks For 26 January

Nicole Bennett


In order to succeed 
in this race we call life, 
you must first put 
the shadow of your past 
behind you.


Michelle Drew


Face your shadows 
but don’t chase your shadows 
and you’ll be a winner


Chinhita Bose


Your mindset decides 
the outcome of the race


Ankit Pandey 


It’s the race
not with you my friend,
It’s the race with myself 
and I have to win me. 


Ilda Coelho


Attitude shapes 
your final destinations


SŠhobhna Kanwař


The will to achieve 
Clears your goal 


Sabrina Davey


Even in the light
The dark will always fight
Merge the two
and you will always win.


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli


Moving Forward 
Must Be in Your Mind! 


Brenda Johnston


The sun at your back 
or the sun in your face,
Determines how you 
run your race.  


Donna McCarthy


What lies ahead of us 
and what lies behind us 
are tiny matters
 compared to what lies within us.


Sandy Kasdan Rozelman


The winner will always 
run toward the light


Fragile Rosagaran Macul


Dragged by your past,
Or too excited for the future, 
Either way, 
Your present life 
will always require you one thing: 
Move and Run the Race of Life.  


Anjana Surendran


For ahead lies the destiny 
and behind lies the experience 
it’s the calibre to keep the pace 
amidst both


Shilpika Bagh


It’s with the attitude one begins; 
and the “attributes” one reflect; 
determines the win; 
in life or on tracks.


Rinku Shah


Those who see the light,
Are ready for the fight.
Step out of the dark,
On your marks.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Ready! On your mark, get set, go!
Blocking the light, you cast a shadow.
So run life’s race in every endeavour.
Doing your best for ever and ever.


Brian Spellman


You either confront 
the darkness before you 
or it chases you forever.


Arno Kruger


You either run from something 
or run to something.


Ann Doherty


Don’t let the past 
drag you down 
let the future
 pull you ahead .

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