Wisepicks For 26 February

Debra Pry


I am a writer.
My words are a lethal Weapon.
I can write you in my story,
Or kill you off.
My passion flows into ink.


Rhonda Pearce


The pen is mightier
than the sword


Felicia Holmes


If you choose to use your words
as weapons against others,
be prepared to stand your ground
or take cover.
It won’t be long before
someone returns fire.


Shilpika Bagh


The pen is mightier
than the sword;
be thoughtful
with the choice of words.


Susan Fair Arakelian


Bullets can kill, the pen can poison,
when you aim either at a person,
you can destroy someone’s life


Autumn Garrison


I always lose at this, but here.
Be Careful
where you point that thing.
Words can be lethal.


Rinku Shah


When the pen is mightier
than a sword,
Then bullets are nothing
compared to words.
Let your passion
flow in your writing,
It will be more powerful
than fighting.


Luis Vega


Words are more powerful
than we think


Jack Will


Anger and pain
can be channeled into art,
So grab hold of a pen
and write away your heart.


Angela Kay



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