Wisepicks For 26 December

Rinku Shah


Unconditional love 
pulls the heartstrings
Loyalty is what 
a dog brings! 




An embodiment of love 
that never fails.
You can feel it 
as the dog wags its tail.


Rinku Shah


A dog’s wagging tail,
Is more of a Love tale.
Sight of his master,
Makes his heart beat faster.


Shilpika Bagh


When “Wagging with affection ” 
meets me halfway; 
the feeling of “home alone ” 
is whisked away.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Love and devotion 
are the things,
that wag a dog’s tail 
by its heart strings.


Neha Garcha


Who says love is seen in eyes, 
sometimes its the bark 
and the wagging of tail 
that reaches the soul.


Noel Nicole


There will be moments 
when you can’t love yourself 
but your dog will always love you.


Doreen Shepard 


The dog’s tail 
is the metronome 
for its heart song.


Susan Fair Arakelian


The tail Tells the story 
of the Heart, 
unconditional love.


Frankie Crabtree England


The heartstrings of a dog 
are visible in the wagging 
of his tail.


Allyson Burrell


A dog wags its tail 
by the strings of its heart. 


Faith Dunsmuir


The “tail” of 
a happy heart.


Happy Honey


From the bottom of my heart,
I show all my love 
through my wagging tail.

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