Wisepicks For 26 August

Wisepicks For 26 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 26 August.

Ceona Chambers 


Knowledge is lost, 
when you only depend on 
what you are taught
Learn how to think !


Karthik Parthasarathy


Born intelligent, 
Education ruins us, 
Get the degree, 
Throw the brain away, 
No use for it anymore, 
The degree is what the world sees. 


Rinku Shah 


What you toss
May be a big loss!
Education doesn’t end 
with a degree,
Your ever learning mind 
is the key!  


Vyvienne Chamberlain


My brain is free 
now I have my degree!


Manisha Shrestha


or gradually degrading are we really, 
when we toss our creative spirit away 
to catch a piece of uniformity?


Richa Lal


Conventional learning 
robs us of our intellect 
and creativity.


Lits’oanelo Thokoa


I got my degree 
and lost my ability to think.


Karen MacLeod


Learning is the best test
in how to give our brain
a well deserved



Shilpa Patel


Education does not equal 

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