Wisepicks For 25 September

Wisepicks For 25 September

Sulekha Pande


The light of knowledge,
Is the sunrise of the mind.


Anubha Sharma


And it has dawned on me now, 
that the light I was seeking for, 
can not be found elsewhere;
The more I read, 
the more it shines inside me,
brighter and clearer


Sulekha Pande 


The sun shines bright,
On those who choose the light,
the desert of ignorance, 
Is the biggest hindrance,
read to open your mind,
with the light of a kind..  


Rinku Shah


The path was set,
With every book I met.
Away from the din,
Discovering the light within.


Jackie De Klerk


Reading enlightens your thoughts 
and expands your brain functionality.


Vibhavari Bhushan 


As sun enlightens the earth, 
Knowledge enlightens the mind.
The more you seek,
The more you shine. 


Hina Jain


Books are the path 
of Enlightenment.


Debra Pry


We all shine on 
with knowledge

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