Wisepicks For 25 November

Usha Nandini 


What we see in others 
is a reflection 
of our inner self




If there is any imperfection,
It is only in our perception


Cathleen Neese


We see in others 
what exist in US


Rinku Shah


Magnify a strength, 
not weakness.
We all have our uniqueness
Mutual respect goes 
a long way,
Let the differences 
melt away.


Roma Manglani


A positive person 
will look for positivity 
in everyone they meet 
while a person full of negativity 
will only find faults  


Usha Nandini


We connect with others 
based on a common ground 
and hence we look for what 
we can relate to in them  


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Shaking hands to seal a deal, 
is often based on how we feel.
Sharing points, 
and ideas that flower.
Strengths and weakness 
creating power.


Sherry Greene


There’s a difference 
in the way we think
It makes me so forlorn
For I see the rose 
in most everyone
And you only see a thorn. 


Amanda Thompson 


Despite appearances, 
we’re all a little prickly 
and yet beautiful 
at the same time


Arlene Larocque Jones


Some will see 
only your prickly side
The ones that matter
 will risk getting pricked 
because of the beauty 
they see inside  


Felicia Holmes


The way we see ourselves 
influences how we see others.


Sandra Cheevers 


Positive thinkers see potential. 
Negative thinkers find fault.


Chinhita Bose


What grows inside your mind 
gets reflected in your thoughts  


Mai Quesada


Your opinion of others 
is also a reflection of 
who you are!


Happy Honey


You only see 
What you want to see  


Dazzling Smile


Sometimes, people project 
what’s in them on others  


Laila Ardiente 


I see your BEST. 
You see my WORST.

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