Wisepicks For 25 January

Chantelle Penfold Gibson


If you just look,
 everyone has more 
to their story


Tina Bell


Amazing what you learn 
when you stop long enough 
to get the whole picture.


Rinku Shah


If you’re feeling low,
Just go slow.
Remember it is not the end,
There is more to life 
than this bend.


Sherri Robinson Brown


Look further than 
what you see at first glance. 
Often the rest of the story 
is in plain sight. 
You just have to look 
at the whole picture.


Anjana Surendran


To look at the lines 
and judge is part of life
To look between the lines 
and shoulder others 
is part of life.  


Rinku Shah


Behind every ‘I’m okay’
There is so much
 one doesn’t say!
If you really care
Reach out and be there!  


Mary Kirkpatrick


I’m okay is what
 I want to say,
The truth of it is
it is a nay!


Neha Jethi 


Life is a multi dimensional picture,
from one dimension 
it could be the perfect picture
 and from other it could be broken. 




There is something else 
behind the words that people say.
 I am okay might be the exact opposite 
at the end of the day.


Rinku Shah


Pick up the sign
Behind ‘I’m okay’ and ‘I’m fine’
There’s more than what 
meets the eye
And you’ll see it, if you try! 


Sharon Armstrong


I am strong 
and have got this
I am broken, 
please help me.




There is always a hidden side 
to any story


Mary Kirkpatrick


Cultivating the art 
of written expression,
Plays a role in 
relieving depression.



Srinjoy Sarkar
Depression hides
 in plain sight


Ãctive Ãnji


Don’t judge from your Side
As for a Coin there are two Sides,
for me too.


Njuki Kayaga Tumwesigye0


What a person’s portrays 
on the outside is not what 
is on the inside.


Aniket Ghatnekar


There’s more to sadness 
than what meets the eye

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