Wisepicks For 25 February

Neha Garcha


Transforming pain of today
into the strength of tomorrow,
life teaches us the difference
between surviving and living


Kamlesh Bhasin


Every night is followed
by a bright day.


Sudipta Singh


Gain strength
from your pain
You will see
the bright day again


Judy Souza Tilley


Overcoming the darkness
will lead me to the light


Sherry Greene


First you get up,
prepare to fight,
Out of the storm,
into the light.


Jessica Taylor


Better days are coming.
You just have
to find the strength
to stand up
and set yourself free.


Carol M. Downey Dawson


She is broken.
She is trying to put
her pieces back together.
She is back on her feet.
She is standing taller.
She is a masterpiece.


Lori Ann Cieslinski


The process of healing
will be beautiful in the end.


Ashish Verma


Withered in the dark,
she blossomed
by a ray of hope.


Felicia Holmes


Growth is painful
and often doesn’t feel right,
but if you keep going
you will bask in the light.


Linda Mansolf


Through life experience,
trials and tribulations,
comes knowledge and strength
to refresh your well being
Debra Pry


Sometimes you have to
break down,
In order to
break through.


Frances McCabe


With patience and determination
you can pick yourself up
and start all over again


Irfat Bint Shams


From endurance to patience
& from patience to peace.
The Journey of being me

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