Wisepicks For 25 December

Sabiha Nikhat

Don’t take the burden of defeat 
to your head, 
failures are often 
stepping stones to success.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Carry your failures
 with gratitude.
Learn from them
 to change your altitude.  


Mary Kirkpatrick


Learn from each and every mistake,
Every failure, loss and heartache.
Put down what is perceived as negative.
Step up to what you have that’s positive


Happy Honey 


Don’t let failures weigh you down.
Instead learn from your failures
And use them 
as stepping stones for success.  


Frankie Crabtree England


The difference between 
those who succeed 
and those who don’t 
is in the way 
they view their failures.


Noah Carr


Either you can let your failures 
weigh you down 
or use them as stairs 
to success




Don’t carry your failures, 
overcome them.


Asmiya S


Failure is not failure 
unless you forget 
to move forward by it.


Rahul Pandey


Failures are the stepping stones 
to success


Subhashish Mund


paving the way ahead


Shilpika Bagh


Let failure be a stepping stone 
to a new beginning.


Clarisse Raquinel


Lessons from failures 
can be used as pathway to success.

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