Wisepicks For 25 August

Wisepicks For 25 August8

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 25 August.


Wisepicks For 25 August111

Felicia Holmes


If you keep being
products of this world
instead of parents;
What will you produce?


Wisepicks For 25 August1
Amanda Thompson


When parents aren’t compatible
we create messed up kids



We are no longer
grooming up our children.
The technological world
is too much for young mind.
It’s now more than ever;
to show them to love and be kind.
Because the young buds bloom
like the parent flower.
And if we are busy in our work,
We will lose them to technological power.
And devoid of love and morality,
Imagine the chaos that would dawn
from this constant continuity.


Rinku Shah


Technological savvy parents,
Often have ways that are errant.
A child needs presence and emotion.
Not readable information,
That causes confusion!


Sulekha Pande


Technological glitch,
there’s no switch,
barcodes are different,
mismatched parents,
jumbled up result,
confused and directionless kid.



Ashwini Laad

In a family
Communication and Understanding
should be a compatible technology
for child and parents


Manvi Jain



When being phony to each other,
We are likely to produce
an absurd one!


Linda Decaria

Sending mixed messages
scramble children’s minds.

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