Wisepicks For 24 September

Tony Napier


Light years apart 
but so much in common. 
We are all made of stars.


Sarah Price Oxley


We are All Beautifully Unique
Yet Always Connected!


Sarah Price Oxley


We are all children of the universe. 
We are all made up of star stuff!


Karthik Parthasarathy 


Each of us, a galaxy, 
Living in our own mind space, 
Yet cohabiting a universe, 
One where we all coexist, 
About time we stop and think, 
If this is how we want to be, 
Or change back to humans 
and live together, 
The way we had always been.


Faith Dunsmuir


We all live in our own world, 
oblivious to what surrounds us. 
Life would be so much more fulfilling 
if only we took notice. 


Manvi Jain 


Busy in acknowledging future,
Busy in our own Verse,
What the World is leading to?
Concept of Universe
Or each travelling with multiverse? 


Rinku Shah


Paradox of life, 
people are together and yet alone.
A planet in its own orbit
the world on its axis!
And yet the Universe keeps 
all in place as it is known. 




We all live in different universes
in our mind.
It’s all about perspective.
That decides what we find.


Felicia Holmes


We coexist in a multiverse,
where we are creators 
of our own universe. 


Debra Pry


The universal law, 
applies to all.


Debra Pry
The universal energy,
Is within us all.
So what you believe in,
Is the universal law.  


Sulekha Pande


Some shine bright,
some shine pale,
we all carry the light within,
we live a different tale.


Brizza Patten


We live in the same planet 
whilst within our own world 


Pamela Cox-Pedersen


Living in our own universe, 
oblivious to any other.


Cathleen Neese


We all walk about 
in our own little world.


Chuqx Olitxz


We all coexist in one Cosmos 
but guided by different Energies


Ritesh Choudhary


Every Mind is a 
Galaxy of Knowledge.


Tina Bazilewich


Every thought creates 
a vibration and Energy
Emo Orbits 
Produced by the body’s 
energy .. mood … 
radiating from the top of the head.

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