Wisepicks For 24 October

Jeanie Elizabeth


Be a prolific reader 
or risk becoming 
an empty shelf. 


LaShandra Bowen


Those with true knowledge 
speak few words, 
and those with empty knowledge 
spew bullshit from their mouths.


Karthik Parthasarathy


A never being used mind, 
Full of cobwebs and dust, 
Helps only to talk trash, 
All words and nothing constructive. 
A mind being used in kind, 
Equips itself first, 
Never does anything brash, 
Let’s everyone to have a life and live.  


Debra Pry


Nothing comes out 
from an empty vessel,
Knowledge is your power in life,
You can’t pull wisdom 
from an empty shelf. 


Aparna Goswami


Empty vessels 
makes more noise
A mind full of knowledge 
is so wise,
Would know when to poise,
and when to make a point.


Felicia Holmes


Talking trash about things
you know nothing about.


Rinku Shah


A calm and well read mind 
is better than a dusty one 
hurling words that are unkind!


Vibhavari Bhushan


and understanding
are the fruits of 
an educated mind..


April Camille Berden


He who knows better 
don’t stoop down 
to the level of those 
who know nothing.


Anubha Sharma


Empty vessels make noise,
Learned minds 
utter words of choice.


Mai Quesada


The smart one 
a garbage talk!




Use your wit 
and try not to talk shit

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