Wisepicks For 24 November

Mary Kirkpatrick


Unless you have 
a good educational goal,
You might as well shovel money 
into a black hole!  


Cathleen Neese


The only thing 
more expensive than ignorance 
is an education


M Jeyaram


Fill the coffers 
and feel the letters.

Donna McCarthy
Shoveling money into education 
doesn’t always mean success.


Ashok Pande


Education may give you,
Financial Independence but,
Good common sense is a gift. 


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli 


Education is the 
Greatest Investment!


Felicia Holmes


What is taught 
can be bought,
what is learned 
must be earned.  


Rinku Shah


End this shopping spree,
Of acclaimed degrees.
Time to be logical,
And practical.
Equip your skills kit,
And stop feeding this money pit!  


Anjana Surendran 


Investment done wisely today 
can be the remuneration 
of tomorrow.




Money, money down the hole.
But the education 
never makes us whole.


M Jeyaram


The power of education 
is only felt 
by the power of money.


Drishti Nagdeo


Education that is meant 
to bring about equality, 
can only be afforded by the nobility.
Oh, the irony!  


Lida Smit


Invest in a good education
One day you will be amazed 
by what you can pull out of the hat


Sulekha Pande 


It’s all about money,
education has turned into business,
degrees are sought, education is bought,
it has nothing to do with learning,
all about the potential of earning.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Money doesn’t fall from trees. 
It shouldn’t be spent on education 
that teaches us what to think 
but spent wisely 
instead on how to think.

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