Wisepicks For 24 March

Teodora Tudor


Life is about choosing
whether you want to see
the broken pieces
or the light that shines
through the cracks.


Donna McCarthy


If we all could
see the world
through the eyes
of a child,
what a wonderful world
it would be.


Debra Pry


A shattered life,
Doesn’t mean
shattered Dreams.
Broken can be fixed,
And the light
will shine again.


Phyllis Snider Boyer


Those who
dwell on disaster
will never delight
in discovery.


Bran Darius Valdehueza


The Beauty
behind brokenness.


Felicia Holmes


Children naturally see
the bright side of things,
until they are taught differently.


Dandillion Jeff


Sometimes we have to
break the rules
in order to see
real beauty of the light.


Patricia Mathieu


Light will always
shine amongst darkness.


Susan Vasilakos


Allow the youth of today,
to see a scenario
in a different light.
Throw away old behaviors,
encourage optimism!


Kristine Jo Kirchner


Life is sunnier
when you laugh things off.


Sandra Wallace


When something gets broken,
doesn’t mean

the sun can’t shine!


McCullough Cindy


Break the prism of negativity;
recognize the positive!


UniLyn Belt


Sometimes you just
have to break
what hinders you
from seeing that
real beautiful light,
even when others
simply don’t get it.


Siham Ac


Some people
see brokenness
and others see beauty!


Zhou Cia Cia


Don’t see a problem
from the downside.
Look at the good side
of the problem.


Mandy Whitehead


It is better to show
a piece of your heart
instead of a piece

of your mind.


Emma Wright


The light will

always break free.


Karim Gayraud


You cannot bring the light
to someone

who does not want to see.


Asmiya S


The habit of complaining
will make you blind

about every good thing.


Mai Quesada


Seeing hope
on broken dreams,

a winning positivity at its best!


Christine Gerardi


If we all maintained
our childlike innocence
we would always
see the light
in a sometimes

fractured world.


Arshita Garg


Not all shattered glasses
should be frowned upon
because some
bring in the light

of joy along.


علی اخلاقی


Break your habits
and new horizons
will shine.


Derek Pool


Every dark day
has a glimmer of sunshine,

If you look for it.

Shobha Pawar


Destruction is

inscribed in creation.


Tiffanie Garcia


Sometimes things
have to break a little,

to let the light in.


Jo Lunde


One man’s trash,
another man’s treasure.

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