Wisepicks For 23 January

 January 26, 2019

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Caged dreams that long to fly,
Like a crimson kite
 in the blue sky.


Christine Mae C. Digal


It isn’t freedom 
until it’s felt


Anna Maestas


Leaving the prison 
doesn’t make you free


Dannielle Roberts


Even things 
that should fly free 
are in a cage 
just like me


Sheila Cotterall


They took away her freedom 
and locked her in a tower,
Thinking that the solitude 
would take away her power.
They even caged the only dream 
she was able to pursue,
So she used it as a beacon 
to alert for her rescue.


Ceona Chambers


Don’t cage your imagination, 
just because life has you 
locked down


Debra Pry


To be imprisoned by fear,
Only makes it clear
Life is meant to be free.
Like a kite,

Over the sea.
Not to be caged,
But to be set free. 


Arlene Larocque Jones


It isn’t until 
you look within yourself 
that true freedom 
will be found


Priti Saini


When even our free thinking 
is caged right 
in our own mind!


Rinku Shah


Real captivity is when 
your thoughts are caged!


Jodie Morrison


Unlock the the cage 
so you can fly freely 
away from the prison 
you have put yourself in.


Kat Lowenberg


Trapped are our dreams 
if we too are trapped.


Sulekha Pande 


Put bodies behind bars,
on them close the doors,
but don’t cage thoughts,
you can’t detain spirits,
in the open skies, it will soar.

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