Wisepicks For 24 December

Deborah Poff 

Your perspective of life 
determines how you see 
the journey


Felicia Holmes


If you don’t like 
what you see,
change where 
you are looking


Usha Nandini


Happiness is a Choice


Belinda Stott 


Our happiness in life 
depends on our 
point of view.


Dannielle Roberts


The way we perceive things
 are how we believe things


Chinhita Bose


Happiness lies 
in the eyes of 
the beholder


Chris Cooper


We’re all on the same journey. 
It’s your choice which view
 you want to see life through; 
the beauty of optimism 
or the dreariness of pessimism 


Wanda Wynne 


Your perception 
creates your reality!!
Look for the good side 
of everything!  


Mary Kirkpatrick


How you choose 
to see the view
Is often how others 
see you


Laurel Meister


The journey is as you expect it. 
You can change your perspective 
anytime along the way. 


Frankie Crabtree England


Your outlook on life 
depends on how you choose 
to look at your surroundings.


Faith Dunsmuir


It’s all about perspective 
if you don’t like the view 
you can always move


Sulekha Pande


It’s not the sight that matters.
It’s the vision that counts.

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