Wisepicks For 24 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 24 August.

Xavier Racaud


We’re all fallen angels of knowledge
Reading to escape


Rajeev K Singh


One is never alone
in night or in dreams ,
If books are their mate 
& books are team.
They give us wings
to hover and to fly ,
To dive in world of happiness 
low & high.


Rinku Shah


My metamorphosis was gradual.
Just like a caterpillar to the butterfly, 
simply magical!
From ignorance to knowledge.
Books gave me wings 
ready for flight and every challenge.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


The pages are the feathers
of the sleeping angel’s wings,
The books contain 
the wisdom and the knowledge 
that he brings  


Shilpa Patel


Gathering knowledge 
and not using it 
creates stagnation .

Rupesh Popli
Knowledge makes you free.
and gives you wings to fly.



Debra Pry
Flying with wings 
of knowledge.

Sherry Greene


I have reams of memories 
and a story
Waiting to be exposed 
in all of its glory. 


Glenda Stansell


The story of his life
took wing


Becky Williams
Books give you wings. 

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