Wisepicks For 23 September

Wisepicks For 23 September

Wisepicks For 23 September

Felicia Holmes


With her eyes closed,
She will never see;
He is not the man
she thinks him to be.




You darling, are falling in love
not with me,
but with my mask.
When you meet the real me,
it might be a tedious task
and when you do see the real me,
you might not be able to escape
from my grasp


Rabina Rai


He hides behind the mask,
She thinks it true.
No,it isn’t love,
She doesn’t have a clue.
She closes her eyes
and kisses the mask,
Finding the real him,
it’s a tiring task.
He hides it so fine,
He hides it so well,
Which is mask?which is real?
Even she can’t tell.
People say love is blind
I don’t think it’s true,
People are blind in love,
But they don’t have a clue.


Rinku Shah


Duplicity in love is a mistake,
Authenticity will save you
from a heartache!


Rinku Shah


Why play someone along
Love is a feeling so strong,
Deceit is definitely wrong.
Drop the mask and see
if together you belong.


Veronica Ann Marie


Narcissistic Relationships
KNOW the person
behind that mask
before you get too deep


Jeanie Elizabeth
No man hides forever
behind the mask of deceit.


Shamreen Sethi


One face to show
and the other for you
to never know


Aida Montanez


where you see the person
they think you want them to be


Porsha Jeneva E. Joseph


You never really
know someone,
you only know the self
they portray.

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