Wisepicks For 23 November

Felicia Holmes


Roots are meant to 
keep you from falling over,
not from standing up.


Movement is life. 
Don’t let Laziness take root


Jacquie McCann


Be careful 
where you plant yourself
that armchair can become 
a comfortable prison !


Mary Kirkpatrick


For the sake of self care,
Get out of that chair.
Eradicate complacency, 
by its roots.
Trade in that remote, 
for your hiking boots.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Here I sit 
Rooted in thought 
However not of mine
But of the rotting kind 


Ashok Pande


The roots of our laziness,
Stems from technology.
The changes we make,
Can only come from within.  


Rinku Shah


Don’t sit rooted for too long,
That movement starts 
feeling wrong.
Stand up take action
Television is only a distraction! 


Rinku Shah


Couch potato
Time to get onto your toes,
Sitting idle is the reason 
for your woes.
Get your exercise dose,

A long way it goes!  


Rinku Shah


Deep rooted on the couch
Will have no sprouting shoots, 
I can vouch!  


M Jeyaram


Your deep-rooted perspectives 
keep the armchair critic away.  


Donna McCarthy


Deep rooted depression 
will leave you stuck.


Fran Thompkins


Energy rooted in stagnation 
is slowly killing our nation.


Divya Raman


Stagnation is the root 
of all evil


Deborah Poff


The deep seated roots 
of a sedentary lifestyle 
leads to one’s demise


Sheila Cotterall


Sit a while 
but don’t take root
Batteries don’t 
charge themselves.

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