Wisepicks For 23 February

 February 26, 2019

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Lynne Kathleen Gilchrist

It only takes one missing piece
to destroy a fragile soul
and only one piece
to colour it happy.
Piece can bring Peace!


Abhijeet Satsangi


Our internal incompleteness,
void can’t be filled
by bookish knowledge.
we need something genuine,
authentic to satiate
our internal blanks.


Shilpika Bagh


A puzzled mind
may find peace in a read.


Jackie McBilello


With great sadness I must confess,
my heart is broken I’m such a mess.
Here it is for all to see,
the missing piece
 that makes me Me.


Joy Felby Cahayon


The missing piece
you’ve been longing for
is the piece
that will make you complete.


Ramona Maintanis


You’re just
one puzzle piece away
 from a full portrait


Rinku Shah


Lost myself in trying to find me,

There’s more to ME
than what the eyes can see.
The depth of a good book,
Can never be measured
in one look!


Karla Skabronski Carlson


I am just one piece away
from feeling whole again.


Donna Lytle


Color your world
one piece at a time.


Jo Lunde


He lost his peace (piece)
of mind.


Sulekha Pande


Select the best colored
piece of the spectrum,
to fit your persona.


Michael Hodder


Am I?
Am I the piece you think is missing
Or are you the missing piece
Without a space for you to fill
Do you exist or do you cease
Am I really incomplete
Or is your book more limited
Am I sad for me…
Or sad for those more dim witted
Am I the colour you painted
Is your cover you or a mask
Without a question can an answer
Solve a task without an ask.


Kamlesh Bhasin


Only a piece
can bring “Peace”