Wisepicks For 22 September

Wisepicks For 22 September

Wisepicks For 22 September1

Rinku Shah


Sharp words 
are like knives
Damages the children 
and their lives.


Bambi Na


How sharp is your tongue
Like a dagger piercing my lung
Wounding deeply through my heart
Scathing my soul 
How I wish to depart
Leave me alone 
Stop pouring on me
Your words of poison
Killing my morale with no mercy  


Rinku Shah


Wipe the tears,
Not add to his fears.
Harsh critical words can break,
Love and Appreciation can make.
Choose them wisely,
Don’t take this lightly.


Marilyn Helen Deveau


With her criticizing words
She thought she could
Make me into someone who
Would make her proud 
By telling me I would never be good 
She made my soul bleed
Until the day I shed all 
Of her hateful seeds
She tried to plant in me.
All the pieces
Of my shattered life
Were rearranged 
As they fell softly into place
I became me 
Finally, absolutely free.  


Laira Margen


Alone, I weep.
As your harsh words stab me
like a sharp dagger.
So painful, it’s killing 
my fragile soul. 


Cathleen Neese 


Sometimes words are 
sharper than knives.


Felicia Holmes


Words used as weapons 
by those we love,
can pierce through flesh and bone;
straight to the soul.  


Deborah Poff 


Sticks and stones 
will break my bones 
but negative words 
will fester for the rest of my life  


Ankita Gupta


The words are digging
Deep in my soul 
Shattering me into pieces
From being whole.  


Ankita Devadiga


The child inside me 
is still alive and it wants love 
please don’t hurt it 
by your words 

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