Wisepicks For 22 October

Felicia Holmes


Our souls are in love,
but our bodies
just never seem to touch.


D’maria Mar


There is no distance
that separates two souls
in love


Ann Quek-Hasenauer


True love lingers on
despite changes
and distance.


Prem Vihar


You Are Closer
In Memories
Than In Reality


Anubha Sharma


Our guts speak
the same language,
and so does our lips;
What an irony,
we reside within each other,
but togetherness is
what we miss.




That’s the thing about it.
It goes by fast and doesn’t last.
And before we know it,
those happy moments
becomes a thing of the past


Yeni Utama


Our bodies are apart by distance
Our souls are align together
Searching in the space of universe
to find its way back to each other


Dee Es


The distance between you and me,
which in our limited vision
seems to be a curse,
Only disguises the higher truth
that we are two different drops
of the same universe


Sulekha Pande


No matter where you are,
you stay near, or go afar,
if you’re destined to meet,
your hearts will beat,
to the same rythm,
love will propel you
to sing the same hymn.


Jackie De Klerk


Even though we show affection
when we are together,
there is something amiss
for our deepest desires
are miles apart


Vibhavari Bhushan


So far yet so close
Immersed in each other
Sharing pain and pleasure
Which life paints in myriad colours.


Debra Pry


When the universe aligns
Two Souls together,
That’s when the magic begins.


Juan C. Rivas


Even if our bodies are far away,
our souls are tangled.


Rinku Shah


People connected by the heart,
Can’t stay far apart
Love is an art.
Cupid plays its part!


Anjali Gupta


I wish we were
what we meant to be.


Debra Pry


Seeing the soul first,
Ignite’s fire and passion Within.
That’s when love begins.


Fern Goodman


My soul recognized
your soul.


Kruthi Krishna Dwaraka


Distance may
separate our bodies
but not our souls


Asmiya S


In the end we become
the strangers of our
own memories.

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