Wisepicks For 22 November

Donna McCarthy


What you witness 
becomes a part 
of your journey.  


Madhu Suthari


Carrying true legacy


Arlene Larocque Jones


The truth can 
never be silenced.


Cathleen Neese


The truth will 
never die.


Sherry Greene 


I watched as they destroyed you. 
I was traumatized and shattered.
You had powerful last thoughts.
I took them with me. They mattered.  




You can never really 
kill an idea.


Emc Carmona


You can kill me, 
I’m just a man, 
but not what I stand for.  


Jackie De Klerk


When injustice is committed 
to the person with a worthy cause, 
there will always be an acolyte.


Som Choden 


Thoughts and ideas 
can’t be killed. 
The future will speak them.




He saw a visionary fell 
with an idea left alone.
With a story to tell in future, 
it shall all be known.


Deepak VM


Ideas are bulletproof. 
It can transcend 
through generations.  


Rinku Shah 


We may disagree,
But I can see
The validity of your ideology,
Carrying it forward 
is my way of an apology!  


Anne Miles


I hold on 
to your memories.


Loren RB


You can put the man down 
but not what he stood up for.  


Lorita Ozola 


Nothing you’ve experienced 
will ever leave you the same. 
We all carry our clouds with us 


Roy Principe


When the dreamer dies, 
what happens to the dream?


Happy Honey 


You can kill men
But not their ideology 


Dazzling Smile


You may kill the visionary
but you will never kill the vision

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