Wisepicks For 22 January

Ceona Chambers


People see me as disabled, 
but my mind is free, 
I see you as disabled 
because you choose to be.


Lahoo Bhalerao 


Love in life can not understood 
by reading lots of book, 
but can be experienced
 with a loving heart.


Tony Wright


He who has a wealth of knowledge 
may not hold the key
 to a meaningful and happy life


Jackie De Klerk 


Who is truly disabled? 
The person that can’t walk,
or the person that can’t think?


Tina Bell


Why be liked 
when you can be inspired?


Frances McCabe


In my day 
reading was the window to the world
Not so sure cell phones qualify 
for providing the knowledge


Donna McCarthy


A heart filled with love 
and a mind filled with knowledge. 
They are decades apart, 
but both they will follow.


Rinku Shah


Only the search differs,
emotion is the same,
Books or a person,
it’s love with a different name!




How we feed our minds nowadays 
really troubles me.


Mary Kirkpatrick


One is stymied 
in the world of looks,
Another is living 
in the world of books.


Kristine Chan


To the Ancients, 
gaining Knowledge 
has widen their mind; 
To the Millenials 
who seek the idea of love 
and acceptance, 
it’s just a waste of time”  


Salah Aldin


The real disability 
is the inability of the mind, 
not the body’s deficit.


Sulekha Pande


Books give momentum 
to everyone,
mobile or stationed,
gadgets make you stagnant,
even on the move.

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