Wisepicks For 22 February


The hug of an empath
to a narcissist.


Sherilyn Campbell


Sometimes I feel like
a prisoner of myself.


Sherry Greene


You said you needed a friend.
I offered you a warm embrace.
LIttle did I know
that I’d be shackled to you,
Imprisoned, frozen to this place.


Matthew Moreland


on another person
traps you both


Annette Boyle


We are imprisoned
and controlled
 only by ourselves


Karen Santoro


I feel trapped
in my own skin.




Sometimes I feel like
I am imprisoned
to the emotional clutches
that drains me out and binds me
in a way I can’t shout.


Shilpika Bagh


An empath
clutched by a sociopath.


Faith Dunsmuir


There is a part of me
longing to be free


Hina Jain


Sadly, I got clutched
with emotional bond.


Shilpika Bagh


An embrace to enslave.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Know your SHIT
Before you COMMIT.


Cathy Lovas


I have an intense need for love
be warned
I may attach myself to you.


Linda Mansolf


Locked in an unwanted embrace
with no way out


Nisha Patel


Shackled in a life
of codependency!

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