Wisepicks For 22 December

Pratistha Pandey


to be bound by freedom 
not captivity


Adam Rolon


together in-love 


Kris White


Together our hearts 
are locked in love.


Debra Pry


Love is a commitment,
Not a life sentence.


Sabiha Nikhat


A deal 
with no written 
terms and conditions, 
just a heartily contract of love.




Love is no joke. 
In love, if there is 
no commitment,
it might become 
a confinement.


Sherry Greene


We’re just prisoners of love, 
that’s what we are.
If you try to leave, 
you won’t get far. 


Maro Mendaro


True love is not selfish, 
it doesn’t imprison one’s life 
to your own so called “happiness”, 
for true love 
sets someone to be free 
and brings him out 
the best he can be.  


Anjana Surendran


To seek a blessing for lifetime 
or to be chained by cuffs 
relations are to be 
dealt wisely with  


Felicia Holmes


When it seems
 to be confining you,
that’s when 
it is defining you. 


Asmiya S


We are handcuffed 
by the name of love.


Frankie Crabtree England 


Handcuffed for life
Husband and wife. 




Love is a bond 
that no one can break. 
But you gotta work it, 
whatever it takes.

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