Wisepicks For 21 September

Wisepicks for caption this image published on 21 September


Jill Gilchrist


Shadows of doubt


Porsha Jeneva E. Joseph


yet apart.




We are together
but truly alone


Rinku Shah


There’s more to people
than what meets the eye,
It’s apparent how hard they try.
People forget energy doesn’t lie.
Time to bid each other good-bye!


Jackie De Klerk


We can pretend whatever we want,
but behind closed doors
we both know
that we are in different worlds.


Manvi Jain


For us, they are one,
their souls attached.
BUT the ‘reality is fake’
They are two separate, detached!


Felicia Holmes


Our hearts and minds
are not on the same page,
when actions contradict
true feelings.


Karl Edwards


Together we stand,
divided we fall


Anu Prem


we are apart.

Sherry Greene 

Tempers hot and cold
Relationships paper thin
Wonder what will unfold
When it’s caught in the wind

Abhipsha Adhikari 
No matter if we fight or depart, 
our souls are connected.

Amy Jenkins


We may choose to be together, 
but are still ourselves apart





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