Wisepicks For 21 January



Nature is the mother 
of nurture.


Brenda Lorena Leal


The sweetness 
comes from within.


Sheila Cotterall


There’s a hive of activity 
taking place within Mother Nature
We really need to slow down 
and indulge our senses 
in the vastness of her beauty!


Debra Pry


Queen of the Earth,
Always giving birth,
Never letting us down,
Always a cure to be found..
If you ever go away,
I guess none of us will stay. 


Rinku Shah


Save the bees
 before they die,
Back to Mother Nature’s womb 
they will fly.
We have more 
to lose than gain
It will rock the food chain.


Marjie Yule Davitt


Pure is the connection so sweet
Mother earth combed 
as they all retreat
Back and forth the cycle goes.
How many times no one knows.


Maria Lisa Lo Bue-Borgese 


The sting of
 sweet love

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