Wisepicks For 21 February

Felicia Holmes


We can still walk
side by side,
but let’s not stumble
because we are tied.


Helen Quinlivan


When you’re done walking
someone else’s path,
cut loose the ties
that sever you
from your own growth.


Ashish Verma


Let’s cut the cord,
release the pain,
get rid of the connection
 and be happy again.


Jessica Taylor


Some knots can’t be untangled.
They have to be cut.


Sherry Greene


We cut our ties
to one another.
Time to learn
to walk alone.


Rinku Shah


We walked together
as much as we could,
So far it was good.
Time to move on…
Tomorrow will bring a new dawn!


Sherilyn Campbell


Sometimes you have to
cut the ties of friendship
to explore where each of you
is meant to go
on life’s journey.


Shilpika Bagh


Snap those ties
that confine you.


Debra Pry


I’m cutting all ties,
from anything holding me back.


Linda Mansolf


You be you
and I’ll be Me.
We’re knot tied together


Jeff Watters


Cut the tie
 that never was truly a knot.

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