Wisepicks For 21 December

Shilpika Bagh


I can feel your emotion 
when panic is in motion; 
“talk out” is your choice ; 
before it chokes your “inner voice”.


Kamlesh Bhasin


Let little buds bloom 
under the sunshine of your love 
& care not under the tight grip of fear 
which may strangle their dreams.


Nancy Shurkoff


the crippling choke hold 
of one’s life.


Rinku Shah


A panic attack
Is like being strangled from the back.
Just inhale and exhale,
And it will soon reach 
a zero on the scale!  


Jackie De Klerk


This dark cloud covering me,
is preventing me from being free.
With my heart pounding,
my chest hurting,
my hands shaking,
and difficulty with breathing,
I prefer to be excluded
rather than panic included.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When panic takes its 
the silencing fear is 




Don’t give panic the strength 
to grip you so tight. 
Feel free and light.




Panic has a strong hold on me…


Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker


When panic has you 
in its grip,
And give dark fear the slip.  


Frankie Crabtree England


Panic arises like a thief in the night
Stealing your voice 
and gripping you tight.
The more you fight it, 
the tighter its grip
In and out of consciousness 
you slip
You try to scream 
but no words can be said
Sometimes you wonder 
if you’d be better off dead.  


Debra Pry


When the demons 
come out to play,
Flip the switch,
And turn them away.


Nirekshitha Kunder


Rises within you like storm 
Eats into your confidence 
like a relentless worm
Clustering your doubts 
and giving them form
Panic dwells in you 
with its Satanic charm.

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