Wisepicks For 20 October

Sulekha Pande

Giving gadgets to your kids,
stunting their growth 
by silly limits.

Neha Garcha


A gentle reminder to all parents:
Do not burden 
the childhood of your kid 
with restraints of your expectations 
and dreams, 
Let them decide, 
let them stand.  


Jackie De Klerk


You’re safe dear,
nothing to fear.
The life out there
is too much to bare.
But I’m so afraid,
that this barrier will fade.
For the future will come, 
then protection is for no one. 




A gaming kit,
And so good he behaves and sits.
But remember, 
you are losing him bit by bit,
As he goes deep into the screen 
with his every hit.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Before you judge, ask WHY
There is often more,
Than meets the EYE.
Safety always, must APPLY!


Jackie De Klerk


You said you’re protecting me,
but please set me free.
I’m lonely and sad, 
you make me feel mad!
I need to have a friend,
so tired to pretend  


Anirudha Senapati 


The discernment and 
ministration of a mother, 
can refrain a child from 
the circumference of despondency.


Debbie Leibold 


As she placed the safety cones 
of good intentions around her child, 
she could not see his world shrink 
to size of his handheld game.  




Let him wander.
Let him wonder.
By each blunder,
His wit shall bloom and
His ignorance shall surrender.
Let him be free.
It’s what is needed, you will see.


Vibhavari Bhushan


Caring or confinement
She couldn’t comprehend. 
For a better, fun filled life
He needs some real friends.


Felicia Holmes


Social deprivation robs the soul 
of the only things that last;
connections, love and memories.


Asmiya S


Show him a right direction 
while giving him protection 
please don’t make him a slave 
of electrical distraction.


Hannah Nelson


Child at play!

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