Wisepicks For 20 November



This duality 
that’s within 
is both a blessing 
and sin.


Chinhita Bose


The war between 
my demonic mind 
and angelic heart 
Will tear my soul apart  


Belinda Stott 


Devilish thoughts 
but an angelic heart.


Oliver De Guzman


Behind every bad intention 
is a good reason.


Rinku Shah


Duality is 
my Reality!


Felicia Holmes


The one you follow, 
is the one you
allow to rule.


Ashok Pande


The devilry of the mind,
Can supersede 
the sanctity of the heart  


Prasupta Roy 


Heart goes with emotions
But mind weighs the reason
So in the game of life
Good is the dual strife.  


Rachel Gabriella


My heart is with the angels. 
But my thoughts 
are with the devil.


Arlene Larocque Jones 


Struggles of the heart 
and mind 
are of the worse
of its kind


Aileen Daquiz


My mind is crowded 
by wicked ways 
but thy heart insisted 
kindness must find ways.


Tina Gerhardt


A loving heart 
will always win 
over the devils thought!


Sulekha Pande 


The see-saw 
of my soul.

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