Wisepicks For 20 February

Ashish Verma


You can abstract my ideas
but not my talent.


Shilpika Bagh


Ideas can be stolen
but not intellect.

Tony Napier
Ideas without action
can be easily lost
or stolen.

Armando Dasigo Baria
Bright Ideas comes
from a kind FRIEND.

Kamlesh Bhasin
Be aware of the colleagues
who can secretly steal your ideas
& dim your future in darkness.

Rinku Shah
One who can generate ideas
has no fear,
He can think of more
each day, month or year.
It’s the profiteer
Who worries
as he isn’t sincere!

Laura Oliver
It is better to fail in originality
than to succeed in imitation’

Shelley Long
How many light-bulbs
does it take
to change a man

Rinku Shah
Ideas can be stolen,
You don’t need to feel broken.
Your mind is your greatest gift,
Which no one can shoplift!

Mary Kirkpatrick
Our information
is often compromised.
Make sure your thoughts
and notes are scrutinized.

Sanket Jadhav
Anyone can
steal your ideas
but can’t steal
 source of them

Ashish Verma
My wit makes me rich,
stealing ideas
cannot enrich.

Jeff Watters
Scattered bulbs
create concepts.

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