Wisepicks For 2 November

Usha Nandini


When the critics and talkers
are queuing up for recognition,
doers are out their doing their part
silently and unappreciated

Rinku Shah


Time is precious,
Be cautious.
Don’t waste your time
in a queue
Change is in action
even if the people are few!

Kiesha Angel-Laree Sturdy


Judgement and procrastination
doesn’t get you to your destination



Those who are out there
making a difference,
They have no time for criticizing
nor commenting on others.
They are busy in getting
their dream turned into reality.

Karla Campos


We went from critics to talkers,
do we dare step into the loneliest line?
The line of creation and doing,
where only artists and architects dwell?
Are you afraid of what the critics will say?
I’ll wait for you here for as long as it takes.
Won’t you join me at the line of the doers?

Cathleen Neese


Too many Boo-hoo’ers
and not enough doers.

Felicia Holmes


Verbal static is merely noise,
action is the music of life.

Fee Chew


Only free things these days
are opinions and attitude.

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