Wisepicks For 2 March

Tina Bell

The biggest lie is the me
I allow you to see.

Debra Pry

Off with the mask,
I can see right behind your lies.

April Camille Berden

Alas, I am done with this facade.

Rinku Shah

Being real is tough,
But haven’t you had enough?
Hang your mask on the hook,
Out with the truth
let the world have a look!

Yessenia Hourston

Every liar will
eventually lose the mask.

Sherilyn Campbell

Your face doesn’t mask
the lies you tell.

Jackie McBilello

For every lie you’ve ever told,
for every story as it unfolds,
Transparent as the mask you wear,
as burdensome as
the nose you bare.

David Trousdale

Be mindful of the face
you wear each day.
Some are best left hanging
on the wall.

Jean Crawshaw

To lie is to wear a mask
thus creating a wall between
others & our true selves.

Barbara Bryant Shepherd

When the truth exposes lies,
it’s better to save face.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Face mask, face mask on the wall,
Whose the biggest
liar of them all?

Ashish Verma

Mask of lies will swing
once truth gets revealed

Felicia Holmes

The lies of an impostor,
will eventually be on display.

Kieran Emery

Behind the mask of the liar,
is the real person.

Sherry Greene

Take off that mask,
hang up your lies.
Let’s see the real you,
reveal this surprise.

Tony Wright


The face of a toxic liar 
has many appearances


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