Wisepicks For 2 January

Rovick Tolentino 


Once the recharging ends, 
the exhaustion begins.


Rinku Shah


What use is plugging
 into the bed?
When the exhaustion 
is in your head.
To really unwind
Relax your mind!  


Carol Downey Dawson


Plug into the sack 
until you get your mind back


Armando Dasigo Baria


is an energy charger 
of Life!


Laura Smith 


Sleep doesn’t help 
when it’s your soul 
that’s tired


Mary Kirkpatrick


When you’re feeling 
weary and tired,
Mind and body need 
to be rewired.
Turn off the world, 
plug into bed.
Resting, dreaming, 
healing instead.  


Sherry Greene


All I ask, my dear
Is to lie down,
Plug in to recharge,
Awake renewed. 


Rovick Tolentino 


The Bed is where I plug myself 
to connect to my dreams.


Jackie De Klerk


When your soul is tired, 
it doesn’t matter how long 
you try to charge your battery
 with sleep.


Jessica Taylor


Remember to recharge 
your mind, body and soul.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Recharge yourself 
with a good night’s sleep.


Ramzi Cheety 


Plug out 
to re-connect


Sulekha Pande


Plug in to rest your body,
plug out, to replenish your soul,
every life needs a destination,
every person requires a goal. 

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