Wisepicks For 2 December

Anjana Surendran

Sow the path of wisdom
 as forefathers 
and let the sprouting buds
 from you reap the fruit.


Maro Mendaro


Wisdom is from
 personal experiences
 while knowledge is from book.


Ashok Pande


The fountain of knowledge,
Passed on down,
From father to son,
His knowledge & experience is,
The foundation to our
Conduct in life.


Rinku Shah


Passed on to the 
young from the old…
Wisdom more precious 
than gold.
Not something you can buy,
No matter how hard you try!


Helen Quinlivan


A child’s mind 
is like a sponge.
 It will soak up 
all the knowledge 
you flood it, 
and bloom from the 
seeds you plant,
 into a forest of information. 
Teach them well.


Sharada Banan


Anything can be stolen
 but not knowledge, 
I’m passing it to you,
 so you can make 
good use of it 
and pass it to others.


Nicos Nicola


I don’t have 
much to give, 
but what I can leave 
is the lessons 
learnt in my life,
 which will hold you
 in good stead.


Jackie De Klerk


Knowledge passed on 
from one generation to the next, 
Knowledge without any text.
Wisdom gained by experience,
earned by endurance.
It’s not compulsory to take,
but oh so good for your sake.


Renee Martinet Zalesny


Stand still 
The river of knowledge 
is coming to you from me.
Look at me and listen 
and see I will
Show you many important
 lessons to learn. 
You are the future 
and hope for planet earth.


Anjana Surendran


Imbibing the spill 
of wisdom 
off the forefathers!


April Camille Berden


Here my child, 
the time has come
 for me to pass on you 
what I’ve learned in life.


Pallavi Chittora


Wisdom passes
 through simplest of actions.


Robin Bitz


The fountain of 
youth is in the 
mind of the elders.


Vilai Smith


May you have 
gratitude for the lessons 
that I have shown you
 to bring meaning
 to what you have to gain
 in your future roles.


Cathleen Neese


There’s some knowledge 
to just cannot be learned
 from a book
 but must be passed
 in generation to generation.

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