Wisepicks For 19 November

Arlene Larocque Jones


Racing against time 
is a race never won.  
Armando Dasigo Baria
Man clocks the time
Until time clocks 
the man.
Jeri Formanek
Time waits 
for no one
Jacquie McCann 
Time stops 
for no man
Tanu Malhotra
Some run a race 
to match the time, 
some dare to run 
against it.
Roma Manglani 
Running through 
the day’s errands, 
no time for self.
Ssareeta Singh
I have clocked 
my feelings in rotation,
To find a motivation,
But could not keep up the race ,
Left just to work 
and show happy face! 
Divya Raman 
Living with one foot 
in the past 
leaves you completely 
bent out of shape.
Mary Kirkpatrick
Round and round we mindlessly reel,
Like the caged rodent on its wheel.
Stretching ourselves, to fit time’s frame.
Trying to play life’s preconceived game.
Or is it such, that time ultimately won?
Rotating around us like sundial and sun.  
Ashok Pande
Time waits for no one.
To stay in step,
Synchronise yourself
To the dance of life.  
Felicia Holmes
Schedules can keep you flexible,
or bend you out of shape.  
Debra Pry
Time is precious,
Days are few.
Get your motor Running,
Before the day is through.
Sandy Kasdan Rozelman 
Time is going to kill me. 
I’m already stretched to the limit 
Vibhavari Bhushan
To keep pace with life, 
You’ll have to race
with time.
Rinku Shah
A race against time 
will leave you behind,
Running and stuck in the grind.
Time will wait for none,
A battle that can’t be won!  
Isolda Israilov
Don’t run 
around the clock!
Saffiya Ibrahim 
We are slaves 
of our own creation.
Sulekha Pande
Running against time

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