Wisepicks For 19 March

Patricia Mathieu

Your imagination
will paint only what
you want to see.


Shilpika Bagh


Only a ‘positive mind’
can see beyond ‘hurdles’.


Jackie McBilello


Our perception
becomes our reality.


Donna McCarthy


Brick walls and bars
cannot destroy ones vision.


Jeni Russell


When you
lock yourself up
from society,
you only capture
small portions
of the beauty
of life and nature.


Dee Kniceley Schartiger


Your view of life
is all about perspective.


Helen Quinlivan


Our perception of reality
is often captivated
by our sense of fantasy.


Rinku Shah


There is more than
what you see.
Just bend a little
if need be.
But less than what
you can imagine.
It’s all fueled by passion.


Debra Pry


Imagination is everything.
Everyone sees
everything differently.
You are
what you believe.
So dream on.


SŠhobhna Kanwař


The Bars,
the Walls,
cannot cease,
ones urge for freedom.


Mary Kirkpatrick


In my mind’s eye,
I create a vision
of the freedom
outside prison.


Darlene Matthews Anisimowicz


An artist can
always create
their own liberation.


Jean Jackson


Our minds has
no walls or barriers
we can paint
our own destiny.


Sherry Greene


Happiness is a
matter of perception.


Linda Mansolf


You can only display
what the mind sees,
not what the eye
knows is out there.


Asmiya S


Eyes has
no limits to see,
but we limit it
by seeing few.




Without visualization,
there is no great creation.


William Knight


Bars are to keep you in;
the mind will set you free.


Shibatosh Kar


Bar cannot
blur his vision.
As the beauty
lies all in the eyes
of a beholder,
So does his imagination.


Sindhu Melvin


Believe what you see
rather than assuming
what you don’t see.


Tammy Heavenfire


We are prisoners
in our own minds!


Brenda Lorena Leal


Freedom is
in our mind.


Sulekha Pande


We don’t see
the world as it is,
we see the world,
as we are.


James Webb


Despite what obstacles
may impede
their progress,
a thoughtful person
will find a way
to accomplish
what they wish to do.


Anne Devereux


is everything.
Your body
might be imprisoned
but your mind is not.


Patricia Mathieu


Not all that you paint
is what you see.

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