Wisepicks For 19 December

Anjana Surendran


Divided physically 
but bonded mentally


Deborah Poff


Two heads can become one 
if you work together


Doris Bell Graves 


Meeting of the Minds.




With both of our minds, 
we are one of a kind.


Sabiha Nikhat


Nothing is worth 
losing one’s individuality 
for fitting in for others.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Two different hearts to feel, 
Two different lives to lead, 
The same thoughts in the head, 
As if it was never two, just one. 
At times freaky, amazing at other times, 
No one word to describe what it is, 
Is there a need to find a word to fit it in? 
Enjoy the feeling of two minds in sync.  


Sabiha Nikhat


They were two, 
with the same empty mind, 
best friends are 
conjoints of a kind.


Rinku Shah


Mindful oneness
is priceless.


Arlene Larocque Jones


A true connection 
is one of the mind
It’s one of a kind
Though hard to find  


Debra Pry 


With mind in sync,
No need to think.
We are two of a kind,
Merging with Rhythm and rhyme.
No mind games,
Just two hearts 
beating the same. 

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