Wisepicks For 18 September

Wisepicks For 18 September (2)

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 18 September.


Belinda Stott


Children learn
what they live.


Jackie De Klerk


When everything I do is wrong,
When all you do is yell,
I’ll show others I’m strong
by putting them through hell.  


Meyer Ramski


Those hurt,
hurt others.


Michelle Brown

Children learn
from what they see,
practice what you preach


Wisepicks For 18 September5
Kiesha Angel-Laree Sturdy


Aggression breeds aggression!
Love and patience 
raises compassion!


Rinku Shah


A child learns what he sees.
Adults, check your 
behaviour please!


Rinku Shah


Learning through Imitation,
Is passed down each generation
Stop being a disciplinarian,
Parenting is more 
than this criterion




Anger is a chain reaction,
Any little scorn can create 
a violent storm.
And it won’t rest until 
devastating damages dawn.
So be the king of your emotions, 
not a puny pawn.


Sulekha Pande


Behavioral poison is potent,
stop it, parents, 
think for a moment,
you’re showing the
child a path to follow,
it will turn him 
vicious and hollow.


Priyanka Tripathi


We as parents pass on the hurt, 
This is how the world has become 
a painful place


Deborah Poff


Anger begets 


Sarah Jane


Generational damage.

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