Wisepicks For 18 October

Wisepicks For 18 October

Felicia Holmes


Our internal dialogue
determines how we
face the world.



All the things left unsaid
will one day dawn ahead.

Rinku Shah


My face said it all
No filter or wall.

Ankita Devadiga


Her beauty carried
all those words
which only few
could understand

Kasturi Basu


Scribbled emotions
on her face
depicts the underlying story
of her life, her love, her pain.

Kayley Easterbrook


She never uttered
a word about how she felt,
but the truth was written
all over her face.



With words written
up in a pile,
She is one hell
of a logophile.
Her face speaks
more than you know,
With her expressions,
its like words just flow.

Sulekha Pande


Look into my soul,
to read the unwritten
words on my face,
my story can’t be seen,
but can be felt,
on my face..

Rob Carpenter


Who I am
 is not what you see,
who I am is the soul
inside of me

April Camille Berden


…and yes, I am an open book.
My thoughts are plastered
 on my face
for all the world to see.

Bea C. Pilotin


Unexpressed words
will never die.
They’re etched alive
in you forever.

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