Wisepicks For 18 November

Sherry Greene


is beautiful chaos.

Jora Mingco
A playful heart entangled 
in thorny relationships

Arlene Larocque Jones
Despite all the hands 
that have played your heart strings
Let the birds of happiness 
carry your heart to paradise.

Ashok Pande 
The strings of your heart,
Once pulled, 
Can lead to conflicting emotions.
Don’t let your heart 
be your puppeteer.  

When everyone wants a part,
They put strings to the heart.

Felicia Holmes
There is always more work,
when your heart is on the line.  

Jeanie Elizabeth
Being pulled 
in many directions, 
but my heart belongs
to one.

Terry Martin
Flaps and folds
Working the heart strings
Magic fingers
Touching me deeply  

Prasupta Roy
So many have played 
with my heart 
but it always forgives
and has been kind.

Chinhita Bose
I will no longer be deceived 
by your ploy
My heart is no more 
your piece of toy  

Rachel Gabriella 
My heart isn’t 
your playground. 
My heart isn’t 
to be played with.

Sulekha Pande 
My heart,
the prisoner,
of my own doings. 

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