Wisepicks For 18 January

Debbie Laney


Don’t let the hatred from others
 torch your soul, 
ignore their words
 and remain whole.


Asmiya S 


Everyday I am trying to escape 
from the energy vampires
 around me.


Donna McCarthy


When you feel like 
you are being pulled in every direction, 
then it destroys our inner peace.


Sheila Cotterall


The demands of others 
will stretch your patience, 
So keeping your aura strong
 is of great importance.


Rinku Shah


Let not what others opine.
Define you or confine.
Find your own way,
To show what you have to say! 


Mary Kirkpatrick


Too many directions 
with no choices? 
Try gaining control, 
shut out those voices! 


Shilpika Bagh


 When seized by others opinion; 
life is nothing but fazed existence.


Frances McCabe


Feel like I’m being pulled 
in different directions


Deborah Poff


To an empath, those around you 
can suck the life out of u
breathe and release 
other people’s issues

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