Wisepicks For 18 February

Sheila Cotterall


They abhor well rounded thinkers;
despite what they may pledge,
They want uniform conformity;
straight lines and polished edge.
There are many tactics they employ,
 to whip you into shape,
But “a rolling stone that gathers no moss”,
 is the ideal means of escape.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Marching in your line
to conformity,
ready to leave
 realm of anonymity.


Frances McCabe


Don’t try to force me
to see things your way


Ashish Verma


I control what you think,
your ideas are moulded
according to my ink.


Ashish Verma


Don’t walk the way
where your ideas can’t thrive,
choose your own path and strive.


Marjie Yule Davitt


Looking for a change
from the one track mind
I’ll whip you into shape..
Persuasion is my speciality
Please, come this way!


Mai Quesada


Conformity to set standards
fits you in!


Shilpika Bagh


Be a leader than a boss;
refine them than their thoughts.


Immanuel Mohan


Never force your views
with compulsion


Rinku Shah


The system wants
to curb creativity,
Alter minds to a routine activity.
Rebels are a threat,
Is the general mindset!


Jack Will


I am old, thus I am wise,
You have to listen to advice.
So change your mind,
and change your heart,
Help me fit you through this chart!


Drok Pa


Conformity kills the unique
and innovative ideas

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