Wisepicks For 18 December

Tina Bell


When you stay 
because you’re stuck 
you’ve already begun 
losing your identity


Madhavi Chintakunta


Let’s cut our binding 
to be bound by only love, 
for love thrives in freedom.


Doris Bell Graves


Becoming engulfed in the relationship, 
goo bubble.
Losing your oneness.


Asmiya S


Don’t let anyone come between
 your togetherness
Even the problems 
of your misconceptions.  


Jasminda Hanbury


as the glue that binds.




Although there seems 
to be a bit of disturbance, 
we dance in a ball of unison.


Rinku Shah


Sticky or a messy situation,
Determines how strong 
is the foundation
For a relationship to flourish,
It must be nourished!  


Anjana Surendran


A wise apology saves a relation
A vice manoeuvre destroys one


Aparna Goswami


Love is a chaos, 
sharing your life with someone 
has its own bane!
One will get hurt no matter what, 
Important is who is worth the pain! 


Sabiha Nikhat


When succumbed 
into unexpected mess, 
Play it together 
like it’s a game of chess.


Sulekha Pande


Love should liberate,
love gets annoying,
if it’s cloying.

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