Wisepicks For 17 September

Wisepicks For 17 September

Wisepicks For 17 September 1

Amber Dieter- Dulaney


Slowly you faded
from my all
to nothing.


E Sabreen Ahad


It took losing you,
to realize I’m complete
without you!


Cjay M Otreised


From the start it was We
but at the end it was only Me.


Sangeetha Anand


As we walk through life,
we realise that our only
lasting relationship
is with ourselves.


Nerisha Kemraj


I may have lost you,
along the way
But here I stand,
ready to face another day
Having someone
is always nice
But all I need is ME
to fight my fight.


Felicia Holmes


Your Ego gives you confidence,
but is merely on loan.
Life is meant to teach you,
how to walk alone.


Cathy Lovas


The Generation of
disappearing men.


Rinku Shah


Your hand in mine,
The path seemed fine.
Then suddenly you were gone,
And I was left to move on!
I wonder why?
‘We’ became I.


Sulekha Pande


Relationships dwindle,
people fade away,
we walk with them for a while,
in the end, all alone we stay.


Karthik Parthasarathy


Her perspective
As we marched on,
I was always confident,
I had you with me,
For that day and forever.
Little did I know,
You were slowly breaking away,
Till one day I turned around,
I found you totally gone.


His perspective
As we walked along,
Through the lanes of life,
You never realized,
I was frittering away.
You thought you had me forever,
In your complete self absorption,
Little did you know,
I was being burnt to ashes.


Rinku Shah


We travel together
but walk alone.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Fading then ghosting,
she saw what she’d feared,
he was close for a while
but then disappeared.

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