Wisepicks For 17 November

Nancy Shurkoff


A chance meeting 
led to a puzzle completing.


David Knight


Like a piece of the puzzle
the right person could walk 
into your life 
(and yet you may not know it!)


Georg Brandt


Interlocking souls




Puzzle of life 
can only be solved 
with a piece of love


Sandy Kasdan Rozelman


Let’s see how well 
we fit together


Rinku Shah


Life seemed like a puzzle,
A heart and mind scuffle.
Till our eyes met
Love was our best bet.
Nothing could keep us apart,
We knew it in our hearts!  


Prasupta Roy 


The closer you get
The more is the regret
For never are things so beautiful
And happen to be truthful.  


Felicia Holmes


Love feels like a puzzle,
until you find 
your missing piece.  


Ceona Chambers


When the pieces 
of a puzzle come together 
you finally get the full picture


Sahana Kamath


One step at a time,
And together we can solve 
the puzzle,




Connection of a piece 
is not completion of the puzzle. 
But with the first piece in mind, 
rest of the pieces together 
we can both find.


Happy Honey


You and me are perfect,
Just like the puzzle 
pieces that fit.
( together)  


Jackie De Klerk 


Each standing 
on their own,
made to fit 
with the unknown 


Rinku Shah


And we were 
a perfect fit


Sulekha Pande 


You were the missing piece,
Of the jigsaw puzzle of life. 

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