Wisepicks For 17 March

Kc Taylor

Let go of
the thoughts of adversity
that are holding you down
from reaching your dreams.


Sonya Hurrell


Nothing ever goes away
until it teaches us
what we need to know.


Jackie De Klerk


He wanted to fly high,
he wanted to be free.
But then came the sigh,
I can’t do it,
not me.
He had the potential,
he had the means.
This is very confidential,
he was scared
of his dreams.


Shilpika Bagh


Don’t let anything
that weigh you ‘down’,
prevent you
from rising ‘up’.


Jackie De Klerk


If you are tied
to your past,
your dreams can’t
set you free.


Laura Lange


Stay grounded
and keep your head
in the clouds.


Ashok Pande


Shed the weight of the
Negativity & frustration
of your past.
Lighten your mind
and rise up
to a bright
and eventful future.
To move up in life,
we have to break,
the shackles of the past.


JV Torio


Sometimes you have to
let go of the things
that weigh you down
from you to fly.


DrJasmine Vij


Negativity is like
a heavy boulder.
It pulls u down.
Positivity is like
helium balloons.
It let’s you fly.


Annette Boyle


Don’t be tied down
when in the pursuit of dreams.


Breanna Marie Gunn


Cut ties
that hold back
your true potential.


Sadguna Anasuri


Let no wind sway you
from your journey.


Marissa Lanza


Don’t let
the other’s opinions of you
weigh you down.


Graancee Mathew


You’ll keep floating
in the nowhere,
until you turn back,
see for real,
the drowning weight
of your inhibitions and fears.


Lina Prakash


Don’t let your past
pull you down.
Release it & fly high.


Toni WIlliams


No matter the weight,
we all still have
the potential to elevate.

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